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Pride Collection - Soy Candle

Pride Collection - Soy Candle

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The Pride Collection was created in honor of those of us who identify within the LGBT+ community and/or love/support those who do.

The candles are layered to represent the following flags and each have their own unique scent. Because they are handmade, each batch will have a different saturation of the color in the layers. See the list below for the scent blend descriptions before making your selection. All candles are 8 oz. candles unless otherwise labeled.

The candles are made from 8 oz. soy wax and come in a 9 oz. clear jar.

  • Acestounding (Asexual): golden sandalwood, French iris, soft vanilla, jasmine, and Timberwolf over bottom notes of tonka bean, cashmere musk, and ivory oud
  • Bidazzling (Bisexual): vanilla ice cream blends with banana notes and cherry accents (Yes, it is banana split!)
  • Enbyable (Nonbinary): citrus and lavender over bottom notes of orange blossom and vanilla
  • Gayrific (Pride rainbow): crisp lime, orange, eucalyptus, pear, balsam fir, and ozone over patchouli, oakmoss, amber, and clean musk
  • Lesensary (Lesbian): Spanish sangria, Valencia orange, and tropical pineapple with a hint of maraschino cherry
  • Pantastic (Pansexual): birthday cake with an undertone of vanilla
  • Transcendent (Transgender): sweet vanilla and light fruity notes to remind you of cotton candy 

All candles made by Halfling Candles are hand-poured, stickered, and labeled. There may be slight differences from the photos to the candle you receive.

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Pride Collection - Soy Candle