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Blueberry Cobbler - Soy Candle

Blueberry Cobbler - Soy Candle

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This warm, comforting scent blend makes blueberry and cinnamon the stars of the show. I am personally a huge fan of scents that make my home smell like something delicious just came out of the oven, and this is definitely one of those scents!

The candle itself is made from soy wax and comes in an amber jar or a smaller mason jar, depending on your size selection.

All candles made by Halfling Candles are hand-poured, stickered, and labeled. There may be slight differences from the photos to the candle you receive.


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Customer Reviews

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Blueberry Cobbler- Soy Candle

This is probably one of my favorite candles! The blueberry cobbler scent smells wonderful!

Lindsey Bell
Husband is obsessed.

“We need to order more of these. What is her website url?”

—My husband, who always asks why in the world I need to buy another candle, at 8:32pm on 3/12/22

He’s in love with this blueberry cobbler scent. I’m 99% positive he burns it while I’m at work (he works from home). Have yet to get it out of him. Will continue to investigate. In the meantime, this household is super pleased with this scent!